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MAT BioTech is the exclusive European distributor of CTL-MAT.

Pyrogen testing at unprecedented levels.

MAT BioTech focuses exclusively on research, development and distribution of pyrogen testing kit to pharmaceutical companies, routine testing labs, biological, medical device and cellular therapeutics manufacturers. Our MAT Kits are produced, and design controlled, to align with relevant ISO 13485 Standards. Manufacturing of our kits is performed by CTL-MAT (Cleveland, OHIO, US, CTL-MAT was founded by Drs. Shabnam Solati and Dr. Prof. Paul Lehmann.

Delivering Innovation

THE MAT BIOTECH TEST IS BASED ON HUMAN BLOOD derived from US donors, The test is uses monocytes derived from 4-8 donors using an automated production process. During one production run up to 1000 test can be produced in less than 4 hours. MAT kit production can be easily upscaled to any required quantities. The CTL-MAT is capable to detect and quantify both ­endotoxin and non-endotoxins contaminants with a high level of precision. 

The current CTL-MAT test is the result of a 14-year long crusade led by lead Scientist, Drs. ­Shabnam ­Solati. The mission of MAT Biotech is to continuously investing in improving current MAT testing by improving the technology and increasing the accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

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